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Regulations and Ordinance 411 of Pine Grove Borough, Ordinance No. 80 of Pine Grove
Township, and Ordinance No. 2011-01 of Washington Township; It shall be unlawful for
any Property Owner/Responsible Party,
connected to the public sewer system, to sell,
give, donate, transfer or otherwise change titled ownership of Service Property (Transfer)
in the municipality without first having secured a certificate of sewer system status (CSS)
from the Pine Grove JTA.  Additional information is available at the Municipal Offices or
the Administrative Office of the JTA located at 115 Mifflin Street.

Ordinances & Forms can be viewed on our Forms & Manuals Page
Pine Grove Joint Treatment Authority
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 17963                               Phone: 570-345-6433    
*Schuylkill County*                                               Fax: 570-345-4262
Welcome to the Pine Grove JTA's website
Waste Water Treatment Plant
235 Suedberg Road
Administrative Office
115 Mifflin Street
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Administrative Offices
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Pine Grove Joint Treatment Authority

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Rate Increase     
Base rate increase is effective APRIL 1, 2015.

The base rate for 13,500 gallons will increase from $1
50.00 to $155.00.

Billings are mailed quarterly;
for example.... January, February, and March usage will be billed at the end of

Questions?  Please contact our Administrative Office;

For contact information, please
click here.
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